Solar Street Lights

Product specifications


Mivo is a team of green energy professionals. We are dedicated to the sale and installation of solar streetlights throughout the Valencian Community.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals to carry out our installations and all the necessary procedures for their correct operation and connection.
The world of energy is changing and our goal is to make this change as easy, comfortable and economical as possible for our clients. To obtain and achieve this goal, we work with the most recognized manufacturers and financial entities and trust managers.This allows us to carry out the work quickly and efficiently.
If you carry out your installation now, you will be able to benefit from the following tax discounts for communities and their owners: Aid and subsidies from the Valencian community.
More and more solutions are reaching the market that try to tackle the climatic problems that the contemporary world suffers. And among the most interesting are the solar streetlights, which represent a sustainable alternative to conventional lighting. They do not pollute, their design offers multiple possibilities and both their installation and maintenance are simple. For all these reasons, they are becoming a solution that is beginning to grow in neighbouring communities.
We review its advantages and what must be considered when betting on this alternative of efficient lighting:
This is a new trend in streetlights that stands out for not being polluting. Its power source is the sun.
The most successful model consists of a low consumption LED luminaire. A small solar panel, a battery and a charge controller are placed at the top.
These components are located in the lamppost itself, which gives them a peculiar and easily recognizable appearance. In addition, it is possible to adapt them both small-size and large-format designs.
Thanks to the saving they provide, they are becoming an upward trend. They use clean energy to function, even at night. They have enough electricity that they store during the day, making them self-sufficient.
There are several reasons for installing this type of streetlights, beyond its consolidation as a booming trend. The savings they provide, thanks to the technologies they deploy, is considerable. As they do not need demanding maintenance and have a long useful life, the community will not need to spend large amounts to care for them. Likewise, all the neighbours contribute to taking care of the environment. It is a small measure, which can have far greater repercussions. Setting an example is the best strategy to demonstrate that the sustainability is an appropriate choice with a future.

When using them, they can be located in different spaces of a community. The patio or community gardens are the most appropriate places. Solar streetlights will provide good lighting throughout the night. In turn, it is possible to install them along the perimeter of the building, where they will provide similar and high-quality results.
Whether they are solar streetlights for the garden or to illuminate a large area, some initial considerations should be taken into account. It is important to design a project according to the needs of the community. In this way, the ideal lampposts will be placed and excessive spending will be avoided.
Any outdoor lighting project with solar energy and LED technology must meet certain technical requirements. These are indicated by the Spanish Lighting Committee (CEI/DAE). By complying with them, the community ensures that the installation is of quality, that it has been carried out following the best practices and complies with current legislation.
The project must meet the requirements of the photovoltaic system itself. The geographical area which it is going to be installed, solar irradiance and other factors must be considered. In this way, the lighting will be completely adapted to the needs of the community.
The main advantage is that renewable energy is used to power the streetlights. This comes entirely from the sun, which makes it possible to opt for this lighting method in places that did not have it before. In addition, its operation is autonomous and, therefore, does not require a connection to the general electricity outlet. In this way, they can carry out their work with total efficiency.Likewise, they get a better return on the investment made. Their maintenance is low, which reduces the expenses they generate. By using LED luminaires, frequent changes will not be required. This technology is capable of emitting light for years without interruption, promoting greater profitability from the installation of this type of streetlight.