Swimming pool

 Being here in Spain throughout the summer season a swimming pool is needed almost daily, not only for recreational use, but as a quick ´cool down´ to help you get through the day. If you add a pool heater then you will easily extend the summer period getting more usage out of your pool. Our company Mivo can provide, advise and create this for you. The dimensions of your garden, the foundation and position in where it can be situated are all taken into consideration, and by using architects and having the required paperwork and permission from the local authorties, all we need to do now is to get started.

Swimming pool

Chlorine or Salt

 You have the option in how to sanitise your pool water. Salt water pools provide a more comfortable swimming experience, because they contain less chemicals, so the water is softer on your skin, and less likely to cause itching, burning and skin irritation.

Chlorine pools are the most popular choice as they are less expensive upfront, and cost less to maintain. The system to filter and chlorinate the pool is easy to operate, and pool owners feel better because the chlorine tablets are readily available for them.

Swimming pool

Size and style

When choosing your size and style it helps to think, why are we installing a pool, is it for the kids, entertaining, investment or just a relaxing retreat. Answering this will help you decide what type of swimming pool you want. Most people opt for the standard 8 x 4m in rectangular shape, this is adequate for a family and friends ( pool party! ).

Plus keeping in with the classic, timeless look. If you require something smaller or want to blend with the surroundings and appear more natural, then a kidney shape ( 6 x 3m) is the option for you. These also look great with a waterfall!! For a more professional swim ( or if you are lucky to have a large plot), then a 12 x 6m would be suitable. A jacuzzi can be attached to your pool as part of the pool´s monolihic concrete structure or if you do not have the space then jacuzzi jets are an option and can be installed within your swimming pool. There are many mosiac designs and pictures for you to choose for your pool floor, and this will provide an excellent opportunity to personalise your swimming pool.

Swimming pool


So now that you are ready to take the plunge, lets take you through each stage.

  • Project design and proposal.
  • Permits and approvals.
  • Excavation.
  • Structural steel.
  • Plumbing and electrics.
  • Pool floor and gunite application.
  • Tile and coping.

Swimming pool

All our swimming pool projects come with a 10 year guarantee, plus extras:

  • Handrail
  • inoxidable steel steps
  • 2 spot lights
  • choice of design on the pool floor.

Our company makes swimming pools and/or jacuzzi; any shape, any style and size

Final stage of the job.

Reinforcement of the pool, preparing for the concrete.

Spraying with concrete using a thickness of 20 cm.

Insulation of the swimming pool.

Finishing with the mosiac tiles.

The climate is 35 C*!, the water is 28 C*! Enjoy your swim!

Artificial style of pool.

Swimming pool with waterfall.

Swimming pool, 10x5 mts.

Jacuzzi in a swimming pool.

Jacuzzi in a swimming pool.

A "village style" swimming pool with artificial stone in "wood style".

A swimming pool "Venezia" with Romanus steps and Italian garden.

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