Decorative plaster

 In the distant past when each house/urbanisation was being built in Spain, inside and outside looked like your neighbours. But now with the modern techniques and unique designs our company MIVO has established ourself and proud to be one of the leaders for all your desired reforms. Despite a large selection of opportunities for decorating walls the most common technique is plaster. Our company MIVO is always moving forward with the latest designs, so gone are the days of the rough, concrete mix of sand and cement, we introduce you to Decorative Plaster.

Decorative plaster

What is decorative plaster?

 This is modern plastic material, decorative plaster, and its main purpose is to improve the aesthetic and decorative qualities of the surfaces at the stage of the finish to the exterior or interior decoration of the walls. Here in Spain it consists of a bonding base that provides fixation to the base surface and a variety of fillers that determine the appearance of the coating. It is the fillers that makes the shine or opacity to create the colour.

Decorative plaster

Types of decorative plaster.

Depending on the composition of the mixture the decorative plaster can be classified as follows:

  • Mineral plaster- this is based on cement and has a more affordable price, which needs to be painted after application.
  • Acrylic plaster- a plastic synthetic material which allows you to create any texture with a roller and spatula.
  • Silicone plaster- the most modern and versitile type of coating, which has excellent aesthetic properties.

Silicate plaster - this is made on the basis of potash glass and is used mainly for finishing facades, since it can release harmful substances. According to the type of filler, decorative plaster can be divided into several types:

  • Textured- the most popular plaster in Spain. Due to its speciality of the filler (mica, small pebbles, wood fibers) unique patterns are created on the walls and facades.
  • Structural- allows you to create a uniform coating, due to small grains of minerals or quartz. It has excellent breathable properties and a high resistance to moisture.
  • Venetian- multi layer decorative coating with the addition of hydrated lime and marble chips.

 Due to its luxurious gloss and expensive apperance, it is normally used to decorate rooms in a classical or antique style. Flock is another modern and popular coating on the market in spain, as its unusual appearance of the coating is achieved by means of multi-coloured insoluble particles, acrylic flakes or flocs. Designers are always coming up with new application technologies, and experiment with the composition of fillers to create different textures. Skillfully blending the mixture, we have learned how to create amazing shades and have mastered individual techniques using special tools to get different unique patterns.

Decorative plaster

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