Artificial grass

 A beautiful and well-groomed lawn is the pride of any garden but here in Spain, but as we know takes alot of work to maintain that high standard constantly. Thats why more people are now choosing artificial grass, and our company Mivo will make your recreation area more presentable and welcoming.Excessive sun,drought and worry of constant watering does not affect your virtually natural softened area.

Artificial grass

What is artificial grass?

 It is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass from polypropylene. It is now popular for residential lawns where originally was used for sporting arenas. The main reason for this is because of the very low maintenance and durability, which requires no irrigation or cutting. The height of the grass ranges from 6mm-10cm, and supplied in rolls of 1m – 4m. It comes in a variety of colours, making it versitile, so not only being used as 'naturally looking green grass' but alternatively it can brighten up a play area, sporting arenas, roof garden, or even your boat!!!

Artificial grass

Advantages of artificial grass

  • The costs you´ll occur keeping a grass lawn alive and healthy for 10years (including water, irrigation systems,lawn mowers,weed eaters/fertilizers – and most important YOUR TIME). The long term cost benefits look pretty good to any homeowner.
  • Easy/No maintenance, so if you do not live here permenantly, or have tenants, no supplememts need to be paid out.
  • Very useful around your swimming pool, as being non slippy, plus no muddy areas with dust or dirt being carried into the pool.
  • Can't be 'dug up by the dog'
  • No high wear and tear areas or bald spots.
  • Does not fade, dry out or trample down.
  • No alergies
  • Fire resistant

Artificial grass

Disadvantages of artificial grass

  • Well to be honest there aren´t any really, only that we all love the smell of freshly cut grass, unfortunetly artificial is odourless.
  • Artificial grass does not cool the environment as natural turf because it does not filter the air or water pollutants.

Artificial grass

What we supply to you comes with a 7 year guarantee.

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